Blog: The Atom-Jet Connection

Meet the Team: Marie Hall

Oct 1, 2021

When you call in or visit our office, Marie is your first point of contact at Atom-Jet. Her polite and professional manner is evidenced by the excellent customer service that she provides for all three of our divisions. Customers are always her number one priority, but she is also responsible for many important administrative duties that support our entire team.

Marie has been with Atom-Jet for nearly a year, and prior to this she was always working in roles that serve the public.

When not at work she cheers on her boyfriend at soccer games, enjoys being outdoors during the summer season… but her main love is their two dogs Skye and Bella. They keep Marie very busy going for walks, doing photoshoots, and occasionally going for trips to the vet as Bella enjoys eating wasps.

We appreciate Marie joining the team, and even though she’s only been here for a little under a year, it feels as though she’s already a long-term member of the Atom-Jet crew.

Thanks for everything you do at Atom-Jet!

Marie Hall's dogs — Bella and Skye