About Us

Located in Brandon Manitoba, Atom-Jet Agriculture has been working in cooperation with farmers for over 30 years providing a comprehensive line up of seeding openers, fertilizer knives and power hiller tines. We have also developed hydraulic kits to improve the performance of older tractors.

Our agriculture department currently serves customers in throughout Canada, United States, Australia, Russia and Eastern Europe.

The history of the company has been in the design of a vertical opener providing farmers better seed placement, moisture conservation, trash clearance and a product line up that virtually eliminated plugging.

Pioneering carbide tips on openers was one innovation designed by Atom-Jet to allow farmers to gain more acres on their product.

Atom-Jet’s Research & Development is still driven by feedback from progressive farmer’s enabling us to provide innovations for their seeding needs.

Part of that innovation is a commitment to bring new product to market and the introduction of patents to our product line up ensuring our customers receive the highest quality product.

The success of Atom-Jet has been a dedicated and skilled team across all aspects of our operation. We believe in working in cooperation with our customers, listening to their needs and using that as a guideline to produce products to satisfy those needs.

Being located in the heart of the prairies gives us a unique perspective to the ever changing Agricultural industry.

Our company and staff are proud to be active within our community and are involved with local colleges, charities and sports teams within the Westman community.

Atom-Jet has a strong belief in giving back to the community where we work, live and play.