Bourgault Mid Row Bander Series III Scraper

Why Choose

  • New scraper profile results in minimal gassing off
  • Use of abrasion resistant materials and strategic carbide placement extends scraper life
  • Side wing directs NH3 away from the disc, preventing it from freezing up
  • Designed so the scraper can be moved up as the disc wears maintaining consistent depth


Granular Liquid NH3

Part Number(s)

See complete list below.


Opener Type: Mid Row Banding Scraper
Shank Type: Bourgault Paralink Mid Row Banding Disc
Fertilizer Type: Granular & NH3 or Liquid
Bourgault Mid Row Bander Series III Scraper


Part Numbers

Complete with shaft:

NH3 Tubes:

  • 250” Left      DMEL12C
  • 250” Right    DMER12C
  • 375” Left      DMEL13C
  • 375” Right    DMER13C
  • 500” Left      DMEL14C
  • 500” Right    DMER14C

Max-Quip Tubes:

  • 085” Left      DMEL28C
  • 085” Right DMER28C

Replacement Scraper Only:

NH3 Tubes:

  • 250” Left      DMEL12
  • 250” Right    DMER12
  • 375” Left      DMEL13
  • 375” Right    DMER13
  • 500” Left      DMEL14
  • 500” Right DMER14

Max-Quip Tubes:

  • 085” Left      DMEL28
  • 085” Right    DMER28

Replacement Arms:

  • Left – DMZDNCL
  • Right – DMZDNCR

Seed & Fertilizer Placement

Connection Types

Chart showing the various mid-row bander connections. Click to download the PDF.

Click chart above to view or download a PDF.


My brother and I have been farming for approximately 40 years. We farm around 7,000 acres in the Melfort area. This area has pretty heavy clay soils that can retain moisture. We typically grow beans, peas, wheat, oats, and corn.

We have a 3320 Bourgault drill and like the operation of the drill but have had trouble with the mid-row banders since we purchased the drill. When it’s wet the straw would get in between the disc and scraper and would force the blade off the disc, plugging the unit and forcing us to stop and get it cleaned out. With the Atom-Jet scraper that we have now, it’s a way bigger scraper that keeps the straw from getting in there to plug the unit.

We started using the Atom-Jet mid row banding scrapers about three years ago now, and we’ve had no issues at all. We’ve probably put around 20,000 acres on them and can’t see any wear at all. The Atom-Jet Mid-row bander scrapers have helped our farm immensely for the simple reason that we don’t have any added downtime now. We don’t need to stop three or four times between fills to clean out the Bourgault scrapers. — Will Vanderbyl, Melfort, SK