Blog: The Atom-Jet Connection

Meet the Team: Heta Pandya

Jul 23, 2021

Heta Pandya has been with Atom-Jet for six years working as our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and IT System Admin, which means that all tech-related questions at Atom-Jet and Glendale Industries are passed to Heta. She gets about a hundred questions a day. In all seriousness, she keeps our system running smoothly and makes sure that we all have the necessary computer equipment to do our jobs.

In addition to her responsibilities at Atom-Jet, Heta and her husband Abhi have a two-year-old son, which at that age keeps them both very busy. In their free time they enjoy spending time as a family doing various activities such as swimming and bowling. When she gets a few minutes to herself, Heta enjoys sitting down with her video games—mainly Grand Theft Auto and NHL. We guess she has to work off the stress of dealing with tech questions all day somehow.

Heta does a great job supporting all departments across both companies and is always more than willing to step in and help solve our many tech issues. Thanks for all your efforts keeping us working day in and day out!