Product Development

Product Development

Atom-Jet’s inspiration and ingenuity are changing the face of agriculture. Check out the agricultural equipment currently under development at Atom-Jet.

Scrapers for John Deere

After releasing our line of Single and Dual Shoot scrapers for the CNH Precision disc drills, users of the John Deere 1890 line of disc drills came to us looking for a similar system.

Atom-Jet’s Research and Development team has been working on a longer-lasting replacement single shoot scraper for the John Deere 1890. Optimized carbide placement, coupled with abrasion-resistant plate makes our replacement single shoot scrapers the perfect match for this drill.

For users looking for a Dual Shoot option to allow them to put down a full rate of fertilizer along with the seed, we have been working to develop a dual shoot liquid scraper for this unit. With the 1890 row units not having a parallel linkage, our scraper package is designed with angle adjustment in the scraper to keep the wing running parallel to the ground at whatever depth the operator is running at.

Finally, for users running the 1895 Separate Fertilizer Placement version of the drill, Atom-Jet was approached by users having issues with their OEM banding scraper mount breaking. Our R&D team has been working to develop a stronger mounting system for this drill while also developing a new harder-wearing scraper to increase the unit’s life.

If you would be interested in trying these products, please contact your local Territory Manager and they will help get you set up.

Atom-Jet fertilizer scraper for John Deere disc drill

Fertilizer scraper for John Deere disc drill

Atom-Jet single shoot scraper for John Deere disc grill

Single shoot scraper for John Deere disc drill

Knives for Bourgault PLDS

Over the last two seasons our R&D team has been working with cooperators using the Bourgault PLDS drill to develop a new line of long-lasting knives for this unit.

Our fertilizer knife for this unit comes with a high-chrome cast point and is capable of putting down any combination of fertilizer types.
For the seed knife, our combination of high-grade carbide and base material choice extends the life of the knife. The large chute ensures this product will not plug even while planting broad seeds.

If you would be interested in testing these products, speak to your local Territory Manager and they will help get you set up.

Atom-Jet knives for Bourgault PLDS

Row Closers

Following the launch of our Row Closers for Bourgault Paralink, Atom‑Jet has worked to design a set of closers for the CNH Flex Hoe and Morris Contour 1, 2, and Quantum air drills. These discs mount to the shank to catch the soil thrown by the openers and place it back into the furrow ahead of the packer tire. This allows operators to use wider openers at increased operation speeds while still leaving a smooth field finish.

Atom-Jet row closers under development

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