C-Shank Openers

With 30 years of developing openers you can trust, Atom-Jet provides reliable, long-lasting, and rugged openers designed for all conditions. Originally designed for zero/minimum tillage, Atom-Jet C-Shank openers work great in all seeding practices.

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C-Shank Openers

C-Shank 1" Single Shoot

C-Shank 3" Paired Row Granular

C-Shank 3" Paired Row Liquid

C-Shank 3" Spread

C-Shank 3/4" Single Shoot

C-Shank 4" Paired Row Granular

C-Shank 4" Paired Row Liquid

C-Shank 4" Spread

C-Shank High Rate Side Band

C-Shank Max Quip Twin Band

C-Shank Side Band Granular

C-Shank Side Band Granular SPF

C-Shank Side Band Liquid

C-Shank Side Band Liquid with SPF

C-Shank Side Band NH3