Bourgault Mid Row Banding Scraper

Why Choose

  • New scraper profile results in minimal gassing off
  • Use of abrasion resistant materials and strategic carbide placement extends scraper life
  • Side wing directs NH3 away from the disc, preventing it from freezing up
  • Designed so the scraper can be moved up as the disc wears maintaining consistent depth


Granular Liquid NH3

Part Number(s)

Max-Quip Tubes
0.085" Left DMEL28
0.085" Right DMER28
0.070" Left DMEL27
0.070" Right DMER27
0.055" Left DMEL25
0.055" Right DMER25

NH3 Tubes
0.250" Left DMEL12
0.250" Right DMER12
0.375" Left DMEL13
0.375" Right DMER13


Opener Type: Mid Row Banding Scraper
Shank Type: Bourgault Paralink Mid Row Banding Disc
Fertilizer Type: Granular & NH3 or Liquid
Bourgault Mid Row Banding Scraper


Seed & Fertilizer Placement