Atom-Jet Scrapers for CNH Precision Disk Implements

  • Decrease Plugging
  • Protect High-Wear Surfaces
  • Increase Scraper Life

Benefits of Atom-Jet Precision Disk Scrapers

  • For Case SDX, Case PD500 and New Holland P2080 models
  • Solution for disk scraper wear – long-lasting, abrasion-resistant plate with tungsten carbide protects high wear areas and prolongs the life of the scraper
  • Built-in trash shield makes installation easier
  • Multiple mounting holes to allow adjustment of the scraper up to match the position as the disk wears
  • Mount directly onto OEM shank with no added pieces
  • Shorter scraper profile stays within disk circumference ensuring no soil plugging from the back end of the scraper
  • Strategically placed carbide protects high wear areas and prevents “hooks” from developing on the leading edge
  • Exclusive design with proven results


OEM scraper design leaves highest wear edge unprotected, leading to a “hook” forming that catches trash and pulls the scraper away from the disk.

Atom-Jet scraper design strategically places carbides on the outer edge of the scraper to prevent the “hook” from forming.

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