DBS Knife

Why Choose

  • High grade tungsten carbide leading edge
  • Maintainable/Repairable (Hardsurfacing)
  • Abrasion resistant steel plate

Part Number(s)

6" - KD6000
7" - KD7000
8" - KD8000
9" - KD9000


Opener Type: Ripper Blade
Shank Type: DBS System
DBS Knife


Working cooperatively with our distributor in South Australia, Atom-Jet has developed a line of ½” deep ripper blades for use on the DBS seeding system. The ground engagement section of the blade is made from high-strength abrasion-resistant plate with high-chrome hardsurfacing on the sides for extended life. The point of the blade is protect by high-grade tungsten carbides, ensuring that this blade will outlast the competition.