CNH Flex Hoe Side Band Granular

Why Choose

  • Double Shoot Technology
  • Large Seed Gallery
  • Same Plane Seed-Fertilizer Placement
  • Fully Carbided on Point and Wing
  • Starter Phos Compatible


Granular Liquid Phosphate

Part Number(s)

1" Left CBGCA0
1" Right CBGCB0
3/4" Left CBGAH0
3/4" Right CBGAJ0


Opener Type: Side Band
Shank Type: CNH P800, NH P2070
Shank Spacing: 10″ – 12″
Packer Widths: 4.8″
Fertilizer Type: Granular
Seed Tube: 1.25″OD
Point Size: Optional ¾” with 1 1/2″wing or 1″ with 1 1/4″wing
Ortho Tube: Optional .25″/.375″
CNH Flex Hoe Side Band Granular


The side band granular opener allows for precise placement of granular fertilizer out the carbide wing of the opener. The seed is dropped down behind the ¾” or 1″ carbided point allowing for separation between the seed and fertilizer. The option to place the seed out the side and fertilizer down the center also exists on side band openers. Left and right sided openers keep the wings pointing to the center of the drill to help eliminate plugging.


Seed & Fertilizer Placement