CIH 700/NH P2060 High Rate Side Band Liquid

Why Choose

  • Seed and fertilizer are directed to opposite sides of the furrow for increased separation
  • High application rates on same-plane with minimal increase in disturbance
  • Large chute size allows for seeding of broader seeds
  • Short opener profile allows furrow to close quicker behind the opener



Part Number(s)

0.250” Left CHFTF2
0.250” Right CHFTG2
0.375” Left CHFTF3
0.375” Right CHFTG3


Opener Type: High Rate Side Band
Shank Type: Concord Edge On
Shank Spacing: 7.2", 10", 12"
Packer Widths: 3.5" - 5.5"
Fertilizer Type: Liquid
Seed Tube: 1.25" OD
Liquid Tube: Optional 0.25" or 0.375"
Point Size: 0.75"
CIH 700/NH P2060 High Rate Side Band Liquid


The High Rate Side Band Liquid was designed as an extension of our High Rate Side Band Granular product line after customers approached Atom-Jet about the need for the application of higher rates of liquid fertilizer. This product offers optimal seed-fertilizer separation by placing the seed out behind the wing on one side of the opener with a newly designed chute, while directing the liquid fertilizer on the opposite side behind a wing pitched down to accurately place the product into the soil. This product is an excellent choice for higher-rate applications.


Seed & Fertilizer Placement