Case PD500 Double Shoot Liquid Scrapers

Why Choose

  • Patent Pending UHMW insert mitigates side loading on the disc leading to extended life
    • Low friction surface lowers turning resistance causing smoother disc operation
    • Insert prevents mud and trash from building up inside the scraper
  • Trash shield is incorporated into the scraper, saving costs
  • Double shoot liquid scrapers are available in all tube sizes
  • Adjustable position to match disk wear



Part Number(s)

0.250" Left DEBLA2
0.250" Right DEBRA2
0.375" Left DEBLA3
0.375" Right DEBRA3


Fertilizer Type: Liquid
Scraper Type: Double Shoot Liquid
Case PD500 Double Shoot Liquid Scrapers


The CaseIH PD500 series drills offer a true parallel linkage for superior seeding depth management .Atom-Jet’s new line complements this system by providing a long-lasting, non‑plugging scraper. Our Double Shoot Scrapers add the ability to apply a full rate of fertilizer along with the seed in a single pass.

Seed & Fertilizer Placement