Bourgault Paralink Row Closers

Why Choose

  • Angled discs catch the soil thrown by the opener and funnel it back into the furrow ahead of the packer tires
  • Caught soil leaves your seeds placed at the depth you’re aiming for, without having to seed deeper to offset excess soil throw
  • Spring tensioned arms keep the discs riding along the soil surface, while still being able to trip back to clear excess trash or rocks
  • Double-sealed bearings and greaseable pivots offer easy maintenance and a trouble-free operating season
  • Lockable arms can be pinned up when the closers are not needed
  • Keep your fields looking as smooth as ever, promoting even emergence and moisture distribution during those key spring rains. Reduce the bouncing of other implements travelling in the field through the rest of the growing season.
  • Proven to show excellent results running with a 3” paired row opener

Part Number(s)

PLX & XTC Shanks: RDX000
PLS Shanks: RDS000
PHD & QDA Shanks: Contact your Territory Manager to determine if you need the mounting shim


Shank Type: Bourgault Paralink Shank
Bourgault Paralink Row Closers



My father, brother, and I run a mixed operation near Gilbert Plains, Manitoba. Three years ago when we purchased an XTC drill, we chose the Atom-Jet 3″ Paired Row openers for our operation for a few reasons. First, we wanted some separation between seed and fertilizer as fertilizer rates get higher, and the paired row gives us that separation, as well as better utilization. We liked the one-piece design, thinking it would last in our rocky, abrasive ground—and it has. After three years we have yet to replace one opener. The carbide and hard surfacing have minimized the wear on the openers, and our daily maintenance has dropped from tightening bolts every day on our old drill down to absolutely nothing. The vertical design mounted in front of the shank helps offset the short distance between shank and packer and doesn’t hook and pull out rocks like we used to with our old openers.

In our first season, we (along with Atom‑Jet) noticed that the field finish was rough, and there was quite a bit of soil throw. This limited our speed to avoid stepping and made turning on the headlands quite rough. Atom-Jet designed and brought out a small batch of row closers to solve the problem; after two years of testing and adjusting, we bought a full set for the drill. Field finish has drastically improved, and our travel speeds have gone up while improving our seed placement. Without the closers, we wouldn’t have been able to sow nearly as much as we were able to during this past wet spring. — Jonah Genick, Gilbert Plains, MB