Bourgault Paralink Extra Separation Side Band NH3

Why Choose

  • Seed and fertilizer are directed to opposite sides of the furrow for increased separation
  • Insulated NH3 tube ensures no opener freezing
  • Short opener profile allows furrow to close quicker behind the opener
  • Compatible with all incoming line sizes
  • Offers increased safety for side banding NH3 fertilizer



Part Number(s)

0.250” Left CDJTF2
0.250” Right CDJTG2
0.375” Left CDJTF3
0.375” Right CDJTG3


Opener Type: Side Band NH3
Shank Type: Bourgault Paralink
Shank Spacing: 9" - 12"
Packer Widths: 3.5" - 5.5"
Fertilizer Type: NH3
Seed Tube: 1.25" OD
NH3: 0.25" with line connection for incoming lines
Bourgault Paralink Extra Separation Side Band NH3


Our new line of Extra Separation Side Band NH3 openers was designed after customers approached Atom-Jet looking for a way to gain separation between their seed and fertilizer bands on their Side Band NH3 openers while staying on the same plane. The ES-SNH3 openers offer optimal seed-fertilizer separation by placing seed out behind the wing on one side of the openers while applying NH3 out behind a wing on the opposite side of the opener that is tipped slightly down to increase the furrow sealing rate. The design of this opener makes this the optimal choice for users looking to side band their NH3.