C-Shank Single Shoot with SPF

Why Choose

  • Starter Phos Compatible
  • Mud Spur Eliminates Plugging
  • Maintainable/Repairable (Hardsurfacing)
  • Excellent Soil Penetration


GranularLiquid PhosphateNH3

Part Number(s)

3/4" CCAA0D


Opener Type: Single Shoot
Shank Type: C-Shank
Shank Spacing: 7.5″ – 12″
Packer Widths: 2″ – 4.5″
Fertilizer Type: Granular
Seed Tube: 1.25″ OD
NH3: Optional
Ortho Tube: Optional .250″/.375″


Our single shoot openers were designed with the concept of zero till in mind. The distinctive vertical design improved moisture conservation, increased trash clearance, eliminated plugging, and was fully protected by the first carbides in the opener industry. Available with either our ¾” or 1″ point. The carbides on the point give extra protection against premature wear.

The SPF (seed placed fertilizer) tube is added to the opener to provide additional options to accommodate different variations of this fertilizer. It is available in different tube diameters to work with any system.


Seed & Fertilizer Placement

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