C-Shank 4" Paired Row Liquid

Why Choose

  • Double Shoot Technology
  • Same Plane Seed-Fertilizer Placement
  • Full Carbide on Point and Wings
  • Maintainable/Repairable
  • Even Germination



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Opener Type: Paired Row Liquid
Shank Type: C-Shank
Shank Spacing: 9″ – 12″
Packer Widths: 3.5″ – 5″
Fertilizer Type: Liquid
Seed Tube: 1.25″OD


The 4″ paired row liquid provides a firm, even seedbed for seed and fertilizer. The liquid and seed are left on a firm seedbed all on the same plane. This prevents the seed from burning by rolling into the fertilizer trench. The paired row will give you two distinct seed rows with the fertilizer down the center. This opener can be used for wider row spacing machines with a 4.5″ or wider packer for greater seed bed utilization. The hardsurface on the top of the wings and the sides provide longer wear than a flat surface. The point and the front of the wings are fully carbided.


Seed & Fertilizer Placement

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