Morris Maxim Series

Atom-Jet openers are the optimal match for Morris Maxim I & II drill. The land following ability of the Maxim drill with the benefit of a flexible frame provides seeding accuracy and dependability with locked-in depth control. Atom-Jet openers will maximize seed-to-soil contact based on packer width and shank spacing options.

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Morris Maxim Openers

Morris Maxim Edge On Paired Row Granular

Morris Maxim Edge On Paired Row Liquid

Morris Maxim Edge On Spread

Morris Maxim Single Shoot

Atom-Jet Opener School

Jason talks about our line of openers for Morris Maxim air drills, as well as some easy checks to make sure that your openers are working at their best this coming season. We’ll show you the ways to check the angles of your openers, along with the common openers we hear our customers looking for.