C-Shank Openers

With 30 years of developing openers you can trust, Atom-Jet provides reliable, long-lasting, and rugged openers designed for all conditions. Originally designed for zero/minimum tillage, Atom-Jet C-Shank openers work great in all seeding practices.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Atom-Jet Customer - Australia - Simon Cook

“Very happy with the vertical profile of the opener to minimise soil throw. Excellent seed and fertiliser placement in the variation of soil types. It’s durable and a robust design for the required job.” – Simon Cook farms 1200 ha at Langhorne Creek. Atom-Jet Openers: C-Shank, 3/4″ Single Shoot, Front Liquid Tube (for below the seed); Seeding Bar: Bourgault, 8800, Cultivator & Press Wheels, 300lbs Spring Tyne, 10″ Spacing, 30′ Wide. First year of use.

Atom-Jet Customer - Australia - David Cawrse

“Good seed placement at the bottom of the farrow with next to no seed bounce, excellent durability. Very happy with Atom-Jet.” – David Cawrse farms 1500 ha per year at Wasleys, Adelaide Plains. Atom-Jet Openers: C-Shank, 3/4″ Single Shoot; Seeding Bar: Ezee-on spring tyne, 10″ spacings. David has been using Atom-Jet openers for eight years.

C-Shank Openers

C-Shank 1" Single Shoot

C-Shank 3" Paired Row Granular

C-Shank 3/4" Single Shoot

C-Shank 4" Paired Row Granular

C-Shank 4" Paired Row Liquid

C-Shank High Rate Side Band Liquid

C-Shank Extra Separation Side Band NH3

C-Shank High Rate Side Band Liquid

C-Shank High Rate Side Band Liquid

C-Shank Side Band Granular

C-Shank Side Band Liquid

C-Shank Single Shoot with SPF