Australian Connection

History of Atom-Jet and AG Schilling & Co

The Atom-Jet and AG Schilling & Co relationship started over ten years ago, with Mark Schilling a third-generation farmer in the Yorke Peninsula’s northern region looking for a change from conventional seeding. Mark was searching for a No-Till option to conserve moisture that was being lost with conventional methods. After researching his options and being the innovator that he is, Mark ordered a set of Atom-Jet openers for his own farm. What he found was that not only did the openers give him the No-Till practices he wanted, they also were very accurate at placing seed and the durability was second to none. This was reinforced by the Atom-Jet Guarantee proving the confidence in the product.

News quickly spread as other farmers saw and heard of the success that Mark was having on his farm and approached him about facilitating the purchase of Atom-Jet openers for their farms. Seeing an opportunity the AG Schilling & Co and Atom-Jet relationship was formed and has been growing ever since.

The development of new product has been fostered by numerous visits throughout the years with Mark visiting and leading a SANTFA (South Australian No-Till Farmers Association) tour in Western Canada with a visit to the Atom-Jet Plant in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada followed by a barbeque. The Atom-Jet team has attended Field Days in Australia and toured farms learning more about the unique conditions and challenges faced by Australian growers.

Research & Development continues to be ongoing and Mark Schilling’s support of the work testing seeding openers/boots with Dr. Jack Desbiolles at the University of South Australia is supported by Atom-Jet supplying test openers. Overall many new improvements have been developed over the years.

AG Schilling & Co and Atom-Jet remain committed to providing quality product to Australian farmers backed by a strong guarantee and look forward to develop product to meet the ever changing seeding needs of farmers across the globe.